“BIG HORN” created by Mr. Kevin Ching since 2012.  He created “BIG HORN” as Rhinoceros image with bigger horn. The key issue for designing this logo is to show brand image more outstanding and highlight the message of “Bend the rule” on design.  The style on product is “Chic and Funky”.  Designs targeted for celebrities and fashionista.  The creative style is an excellent option for people who want to have their unique style.   BIG HORN has 2 collections as named Fashion Creative Collection and Extravaganza.  The  Eyewear is popular and great for stylings. It is stylish, trendy, and creative.  It attracts celebrities stylist, celebrities, fashionista, and bloggers from different countries (including Hong Kong, Hollywood - USA, and Europe) to wear for photo-shooting, music video, or movie. In the beginning of Year 2016, one of the design (Owl model) won the International Design Awards (IDA) 2015 with Honorable Mentions.  


“BIG HORN plus” created to offers fashion design products with design and taste.  Kevin Ching tend to make tasteful design for people in daily and the products with quality yet affordable.  Meanwhile, some products on design (especially bags) is people-oriented.  It bring simple, fashion, and convenient for those who love stylish yet functional accessories. Brand with characters is more popular from different famous fashion brands now.  Kevin Ching created 12 Characters from his eyewear designs (especially “Fashion Creative Collection”).  Meanwhile, he licensed its brand to other industries to expand markets.  In Year 2015, He won Hong Kong Licensing Awards(Best Young Property Awards) with Merit.