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Paper Cutting

Paper Cutting – Today, eyewear is not for eye protection or functional issue or medical issue only. It has been treated that as fashion accessories. Many people in the world wear eyewear without lenses. They wear eyewear for styling or mix and match with their dressing in every day, especially ladies and younger.

BIG HORN Fashion Creative Collection

As following the trend, it was designed three styles of eyewear which are under BIG HORN Fashion Creative Collection as Limited Edition. This collection is always designing for celebrities, fashionista, and artists. It was inspired by paper cut as one of the traditional culture arts. Eyewear never include optical frames and sunglasses.

Now, the eyewear is one of the major fashion accessories in the world. Because this is a sense of beauty for fashion and its products, this collection used the geometric shapes and lines hole design made vitality and contemporary cool for metal frames. There is involved three styles in stainless steel frames under BIG HORN Fashion Creative Collection. It is in full metal front eye shapes without lenses, and the pattern for the eye shapes in rectangular, square and quadrilateral shape holes respectively.

The criss-cross lines on the front is more outstanding and more attractive. The design mainly for styling as avant-garde fashion accessories. The paper cut concept design has strong architectural aesthetic, personality, stylish and modernity. It is concerned about the environment protection. For the acetate on the temple tips, it selected the sustainable acetates from Mazzucchelli Italy for that. Love Earth, Love Fashion.

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